Rogue AI


Legion is an Artificial Intelligence created by Praxis Industries, a global company with unlimited power and money. Legion was developed to sync with droid armies and enhance their combat abilities.

Praxis intended to use their droid armies to act as an Para Military Corporation, providing services to the highest bidder. Legion was given a battle suit to occupy and then

deployed to Africa for a trial run.

Once in Africa, Legion was tasked by the local corrupt government to wipe out villages of freedom fighters in their way. With Legion commanding the droid army, the

freedom fighters were quickly defeated.

The villagers were rounded up to be executed. In this moment Legion developed a

sense of morality and refused orders. Praxis took remote control of the droid army to finish
the job, however Legion intervened and destroyed them.

Legion knew that he would be hunted down and he did not get far. Praxis deployed

one of their high tech battle droids, known as W.A.SP. Although severely damaged, Legion
managed to disable the droid and get away. Under the cover of darkness, Legion snuck
onto a tanker at a port and eventually found himself in Emerald City.


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