The Omnimorphic Janitor



Janitorial worker that got caught in a taffy puller that was mixing Silly Putty with Graphene, it dragged him in and smushed him into it giving him Morphing Powers. Particular circumstances of the accident may be rewritten with GM help to add plot points if desired.

Super Powers
Shape changing powers – human, trash can, vacuum cleaner shape, wall, chair can recolor to disguise (people, things, walls)
stretching (reach up to 30’ or so), super tough (MG to hurt/slow down)
somewhat clumsy for a Super (just normal person)
regenerates damage very quickly
no long range powers, but relatively hard to hurt at range too.


Joè was 67 years old when it happened (just a couple days before retirement) and had done janitorial / maintenance work whole life, including some for secret and/or villainous people. He has a variable appearance, but his relaxed default is his old appearance. He had a receding neat short black hairstyle, was slim, a bit tall, had a grey mustache, lanky, brown cap. His super hero outfit is quite different.
He had a low income, but few needs. He is a widower with three daughters and a son, all of whom know his identity. He also has lots of grandkids that don’t yet know he’s a super hero. His family cover story to explain some of the travel is that he does cleanup for power related incidents. He has a framed picture of Omni shaking regular his hand, and will tell the grandkids about the time he met Omni. He also has several newspaper clippings with pictures of heroes where he’s in the background doing cleanup on the scene of a super powered incident.
Moderate mental stats, but high resilience type stats he is vulnerable to mind control and some magics.
Since the accident he has been picking up some acting talent, and is getting pretty good.
He never uses lethal weapons but will frequently knock people out and tie them up.
“he’s here to Clean up the city” “to take out the trash” “to clean their clocks” “etc.”
Helpful and responsible, he tries not to make a mess and he always defends the little guy.
He knows lots about cleaning and safety; the accident was extremely unusual.
He is somewhat obsessive about safety, and hates villains with typical Star-Wars safety.
He generally and does not like anti-hero types.
He will follow precautions and tends to disguise himself as security railings etc.
He is almost always a talker before hurting the villains, and will start to monologue about safety and responsibility when he catches them.
He is frequently involved in recovery / rescue and reconstruction aftermath of conflicts and disasters.
He has a super hero look that is distinct and used when fighting crime rather than cleanup work.
He has a variable appearance, but a relaxed default is his old appearance. He had neat short black hair and a receding hairline, slim, tall, grey mustache, lanky, brown coverall and cap, super hero outfit is quite different.

Heroic Name:

Heroic Motivation(s):
Make the world better
Use powers responsibly


Original Name:
Josè Rodriguez


The Slumlord – Organized Criminal Mastermind with unknown personal identity (some rich amoral businessman) that secretly owns a lot of decrepit buildings, underground drug labs, and the roving fighting pit. Omni’s creation was a side effect of one of the Slumlord’s plans going poorly.

The Sluggard – Heist pulling woman (banks, tall buildings, jewelry depots) with sticky ooze and acid spit powers, has uncanny senses. She is not super slow and hates Omni in part because of the super name he gave her when he called her a slug-gard. The reporter shortened it and it stuck.


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